Helse & Sikkerhet SA


Helse & Sikkerhet  SA - an occupational health service.

Helse & Sikkerhet offers all professional services that are required of an occupational health service.

We emphasize the development of quality system, professional services and methods. the company has a multi-professional and competent staff delivering services that satisfy both the customer's requests and the legal regulations.

Our near 200 customers represent most branches from small to large enterprises. These are situated in all the 3 northern counties though you find most of them in Rana and the neighbouring municipalities.

H&S has a well developed quality system and this is regularly assessed by customers. This gives us the best starting-point to satisfy the coming requirements to a public authorisation of occupational health services.

H&S is a non-profit enterprise that is owned by it's customers and the revenue is invested in the development of professional competence.

H&S already has the authorisation given by the National Federation of Service Industries. Currently this is the only authorisation that requires multi-professional competence and a quality system according to an ISO-standard.

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